Thursday, May 20, 2010

Import Contacts from gmail,yahoo,hotmail

Hi Guys,

I have been thinking about how this contact import is working.I have seen in many sites,they will be having a option to import a contact from gmai,yahoo and hotmail.I start do research about how it works and what is the secret behind it.
The answer is API,google,yahoo,hotmail is providing the API to get a contact from their sites,only thing we need is username/password thats it. The following links will help you to find how it works and how to configure it.

Hotmail import Contacts C#
Yahoo Import Contacts C# Code
Gmail Imort Contacts C# Code

Monday, May 3, 2010

Visual Studio 2008 Themes

Hi Friends,
I get bored with the visual studio IDE default themes and my eyes get tired of seeing the white I google it for themes after a long research i like the following themes.I hope it will be useful for you guys.In my research i came to know most of the developers prefer this font Consolas" and dark background.feel free to say your suggestion..

Thursday, April 1, 2010 Custom XML Membership Provider

One of my friend asked me about xml membership provider.he wants me to develop a site in .net with xml membership provider.I google it I wonder there is not much code samples so i have decided to right my code.find the code below its pretty simple

Monday, March 22, 2010

JavaScript History

When the World Wide Web was first created in the early 1990s all web pages were static. When you viewed a web page you saw exactly what the page was set up to show you and there was no way for you to interact with the page.

Being able to interact with a web page have it do something in response to your actions required the addition of some form of programming language to "instruct" the page how it should respond to your actions. In order to have it respond immediately without having to reload the web page this language needed to be able to run on the same computer as the browser displaying the page.

At the time there were two browsers that were reasonably popular Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Netscape was the first to bring out a programming language that would allow web pages to become interactive - they called it Livescript and it was integrated into the browser (meaning that the browser would interpret the commands directly without requiring the code to be compiled and without requiring a plugin to be able to run it). This meant that anyone using the latest Netscape browser would be able to interact with pages that made use of this language.

Another programming language called Java (which required a separate plugin in order to run) became very well known and so Netscape decided to try to cash in on this by renaming the language built into their browser to Javascript. Note that while some Java and Javascript code may appear similar, they are in fact two entirely different languages that serve completely different purposes.

Not to be left behind Internet Explorer was soon updated to support not one but two integrated languages. One was called vbscript(only IE supports) and was based on the BASIC programming language and the other was called Jscript and was very similar to Javascript. In fact if you were very careful what commands you used you could write code that would be able to be processed as Javascript by Netscape Navigator and as Jscript by Internet Explorer.

At the time Netscape Navigator was by far the more popular browser and so later versions of Internet Explorer implemented versions of Jscript that were more and more like Javascript. By the time that Internet Explorer became the dominant browser Javascript had become the accepted standard for writing interactive processing to be run in the web browser.

The importance of this scripting language was too great to leave its future development in the hands of the competing browser developers and so in 1996 Javascript was handed over to an international standards body called ECMA who then became responsible for the subsequent development of the language. As a result of this the language was officially renamed ECMAScript or ECMA-262 but most people still refer to it as Javascript.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


  • What is XSLT?
  • consume webservice in AJAX?
  • select top 4 without using top keyword?
  • SELECT Uname, pwd FROM ( SELECT Uname, pwd, RANK() OVER (ORDER BY ID asc)ID_rank FROM test) test WHERE ID_rank <= 4
  • Application Object vs Cache
  • View State vs Session State
  • why out - processSession state needed?
  • response.redirect vs server.transfer
  • what is the disadv of server.transfer
  • handle exception in webservice?
  • how to pass parse xml file
  • what is XPath?
  • different Isolation Level in sql

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Idea Float Interview

1.Ajax State
2.Ajax Header Information
3.Ajax Get vs Post
4.C# out Keyword is good or bad
5.String is val type or ref
7.Sql server normalizaton
8.WCF timeout set many binding can have a one service
10.Different types of bindings
11.C# what is the use of virtual keyword
12.c# can we use this keyword in static constructor
13.Can we use Foreach in java script
14.Sp vs Fn
15.Types of Cursors

Thursday, December 24, 2009


1)Class vs structure
2)static variable
3)const vs readonly
4)GAC ?how to register ?
5)Abstract class vs interface
6)Do interface has access modifier
7)Access modifiers?

1)type of consuming webservice
2)SOAP Component
3)Feature of webservice

1)composite key
2)last 5 records from table query
3)many to many relationship
4)groupby and having clause

Tarang Questions

1)Access modifiers Difference between protected and protected internals?
2)what is assembly?differenciate from namespace?
3)OOPS concepts (poly,Encapsulation)
4)Abstract class?
5)Virtual,New,this keywords
2)Upload control problem with updatepanel?